Rebecca was born on a wintry day in December. The 8th to be exact. Some say it was snowing when she arrived into this world.

The doctor foretold of a baby boy, but when he looked down to confirm he simply said “Whelp, this one just doesn’t have the works.”

Rebecca’s father, thinking that the baby might be missing a limb or something, fainted. But her mother knew what the doctor was trying to say. He was trying to say “It’s a girl!” but in a round-about pseudo-sexist kind of way.

Despite not having ‘the works’, Rebecca grew up in a household with her Mother, Father, and little brother Martin. She also has an older brother, Neil.

Rebecca received her B.A. in Theatre from Southeastern Oklahoma State University with an emPHAsis in Acting/Directing and Musical Theatre. She has worked for Shakespearean festivals, touring children’s theatre programs, and educational theatre programs across the United States. She moved to Chicago, IL in the Summer of 2013. She is married to a wild thing named Max.

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