On the town

Flights were changed this morning (for the better, actually) when I arrived at Tulsa International. Instead of flying to Dallas, Milwaukee, then Minneapolis – I was flown to Chicago then Minneapolis. Instead of arriving at 3:15, I arrived at 12:55. Thanks American Airlines! #thingsIneverexpectedtosay

When I arrived in Minneapolis, the lovely Heather picked me up and drove me past the NTC offices and then to the hotel. I then drove her back to NTC offices and returned to the hotel to rest. I met a fantastic duo who has been rehearsing here for the last week, Carin and John. They truly are some swell cats. They invited me to dinner and I had my first Jucy Lucy.

I met Michael, who rooms with me for the next week here in Minneapolis. I also met another Michael and another John – who will be in rehearsals this week for the same show as well. We drank an entire bottle of Jameson (between the six of us!) and traded war stories. Not a bad night at all.

I have yet to meet the elusive Andy. Tomorrow is the day, at 9:40 am. I’m excited now.

A four or five year old child sat next to me on today’s flight into Chicago O’Hare. She was in good spirits, and excited to ride in an “air-roh-plane” for the first time. During take-off she kept looking out the window and saying “woah” and “neat.” When we arrived she turned to her mom and dad and said “hey, we made it!”

Yes we did, little one. We made it.