We Raise Our Cups

We Raise Our Cups

Well. We did it. We made it another rotation around the sun. There were definitely moments when that wasn’t certain, but here we are.

Insurrections and resurrections. This year was deep and dark, with sparks made from the flint of intention. I see a lot of horizons on my photo timeline of 2021. I saw Yellowstone and the last Blockbuster. I received three vaccination shots this year. I spent my time walking in nature and breathing deeply.

I’m hoping for peace, health, and many more walks in the woods in 2022. I’m ready to look forward but, for now, I’ll try to focus on the present. Cheers.

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  1. I raise my cup to you, dear friend! I’m so thankful we had a moment in 2021 to connect and look forward to many more memories being made along the way. Here’s to what’s ahead of us!

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