A Summer Winter in Ohio

Ohio was good to us. The snow that we had was mild and manageable. We spent one magical weekend in Cleveland to see the Rock and Roll hall of fame and have dinner at Chef Michael Symon’s Lola Bistro. We had Skyline Chili. I took a trip to the Cincinnati Zoo. I went to a fancy movie theater to see The Artist. Good times were had. Below are some videos we produced for the NTC website featuring some of our adventures. You can see more videos at myenergykit.org.


But through it all, I continued to be homesick. Please don’t get me wrong. I love the work I’m doing and the travels I’m having. But I miss all the people in my life. I can’t wait until I get to see you again.

In case you haven’t caught it yet (and shame on you if you haven’t) every blog I post has a title that is a show tune that I feel is relevant to the day’s post. I’ll just leave you with the lyrics from today’s song from Jason Robert Brown’s Last Five Years:

I could have a satchel full of dollar bills
Cures for all the nations ills
Pills to make a lion purr
I could be in line to be the British queen
Look like I was seventeen
Still I’m certain I’d prefer to be going slowly batty
Forty miles east of Cincinnati

I could shove an ice pick in my eye
I could eat some fish from last July
But it wouldn’t be as awful as a summer in Ohio
Without cable, hot water, Vietnamese food, or you.

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