The Movin’ Uptown Blues

The Movin’ Uptown Blues

My love for the Twin Cities grows each time I visit.

This past week, I was introduced to a couple of new live-music venues in town. The first of these was Nye’s, a piano bar on Hennepin that was hailed by Esquire Magazine as the best bar in America. The first sights and sounds of the bar are overwhelming. A talented pianist to our left played “Roll out the barrel” as patrons raised glasses and joined in song. Later in the evening Michael and I requested to sing “Happy Together” in honor of our grand reunion in the cities, and the pianist thankfully helped us along. A broad with a voice to die for sang “Stormy Weather.” In another room, aptly named the polka-room, a polka band played all sorts of requests while we danced enthusiastically. It was a busy place though, so be prepared to wait a bit for a drink if you’re thirsty.

On Wednesday night Phil and I ventured to 400 Bar. This dive bar made the list due to it’s headliner for the evening, Koerner and Glover. I am thankful to Phil for introducing me to them – I admit I was in the dark before seeing them in person. If you are in Minneapolis in the next two months you MUST go show them some love, you really won’t regret it. And with Gin/Tonics at $4 a drink, how could you go wrong?

But the best part of Minneapolis is the people, specifically the people down at the National Theatre for Children. This tour brings new people into my life (Phil, Megan, Erin, Dave, and Danielle) plus all of my old favorites (you all know who you are!). One thing is for certain, Minneapolis is always a good time. I look forward to seeing some more of it in March. Until then, Cincinnati, OH is offering me a slightly warmer climate and I can’t pass that up.

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    I’m wondering how you found it, cause I barely put it up when you ‘liked’ it.

    I think I worked the lights for Paul Anka, in the Twin Cities back in the early 70’s. Seems like it was a concert hall for Chamber Music.
    The echo is probably still bouncing around there.

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