Finale, Act One.

Dear Twenty Eleven,

You’ve been very strange and all over the place. We started out wonderfully. A sweet kiss from Mark Trotter at the Boese residence. Perhaps my desperation to find a fellow to kiss when the clock struck was unattractive. I had someone else in mind, but they turned down my advances. That could have been my first hint, but I wouldn’t allow it to rain on my parade. I pursued that boy all the way into March when he kissed another in front of me. A ginger at that! Oh, Twenty Eleven, I was furious – but had no one but myself to blame.Photo by American Theatre Company

In February I traveled to Memphis, TN to audition at UPTAs. While the entire city of Tulsa was snowed in, I was tap dancing across a Marley floor in a hotel ballroom and doing my best Carol Burnett impersonation in callbacks. When I came back to Tulsa from my auditions, I discovered that I was laid off from my day job. Where one door closes, another opens – so I just had to find it. I didn’t find that door until May, but it was on the stage at American Theatre Company’s Taming of the Shrew, directed by the ever-wise Dan McGeehan. I was very proud of my work.

When spring was sprung, I found myself back where I was happy most – with Max. We kept insisting we were just friends in public, but I’m pretty sure it was obvious. Tragedy struck in May. I helped as much as I could. It was awful. I don’t know what else to say here.

I was contracted for work in September for the National Theatre for Children. Leaving Tulsa was a difficult decision, but one I couldn’t pass up. I don’t regret it – touring made me feel alive. My parents had a new addition to the house - our very own fire!I missed Max with every beat of my heart, but touring is another world. I met so many wonderful people. I’m thrilled to join NTC for another tour next week – this time we’re coming for Ohio and North Carolina!

The holidays were hard, but we made it through for the better with our bellies full and our stockings stuffed. I’m just thankful for every day you gave me Twenty Eleven. You did alright by me, even when I didn’t realize it. Twenty Twelve should have more surprises in store. I’m just happy to tag along for the ride. Thanks for having me.

Need a Little Christmas

I’m home for the holidays and I ship out again for tour on January 7th. That leaves me with just a couple short weeks to make the most of friends and family.

Max and I have been nearly inseparable, save for his crew work on Christmas Carol for American Theatre Company and for TCC’s Southeast PAC crew. He’s a hot ticket right now and I feel proud of him. He’s a big fish, and there has been talk about a bigger pond. (I’m rooting for Chicago, but he has aspirations for L.A.. We don’t have plans to move just yet, so there is still time to put in your bid!)

I’ve been reflecting a lot on tour and I think Michael summed it up perfectly in this post and montage.


Since being back, I have cooked dinners that were not of the microwave variety, worked in the women’s department at Macy’s for Black Friday, turned 24 years old, visited family and friends, and done some damage to my liver. In the following weeks I plan to wrap gifts, travel to Kansas for Max’s whole entire extended family, come back to Tulsa for mine, and party like it’s 2012 on New Years.

The best laid plans of mice and men…

Happy holidays to you and yours. And let’s continue working on that peace-on-earth stuff. It sounds like a pretty sweet deal.