Is it too late?

This website makes you think, doesn’t it?

In case you weren’t aware of Worldometer, it is a real-time count of several vital statistics in the world. Interesting numbers include how much water has been consumed this year, money spent on weight loss programs in the US today, and blog posts today.

But most of these numbers are frightening.

Among those numbers is how many hectacres of forest have been lost this year, how many CO2 emissions this year, and then there is energy…

The energy countdowns are interesting because in addition to showing how much oil and gas we are using, it also provides an estimated date of when we run out of oil and gas. As of today we have 15,387 days left in oil and 60,814 days of gas. Energy usage statistics are divided into renewable and non-renewable resources – of which the majority is non-renewable.

Andy and I do our part to educate the youth and ourselves daily. We turn off our lights when we leave the hotel room, we unplug unnecessary appliances, and we conserve the best we know how.

Now a question for you, dear reader! Which of the stats from Worldometer scare you the most? Why?

One response

  1. World population. Because humans are the worst thing that ever happened to the Earth, ecologically speaking, and there are more of us every second.

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