Well, we made it to the Mall of America today. It was a mall. It was big. It was American. Did not find a coat, but found some other trinkets to purchase.

A Lego R2D2 from the Lego store was too perfect of a present for Max to not buy. I originally picked up a Yoda, but I was afraid of the ears breaking and didn’t want to take the chance. R2 is more than sufficient, I would say – and I think he’ll like it.

Found a green knitted headband that I picked up to keep my ears warm. It was at one of the kiosks that malls have around, you know the type. I am in love with these things. How many knitted headbands does a girl need? This will make my fourth so far, so there’s that.

Lastly, I got to visit the Bare Escentuals store to pick up another vial of matte foundation power. Jeffery, my makeover consultant, made a sale for the exfoliating facial cleanser. I’ve used it twice now, and it’s very good. I’m not trying to make the sale to you, but if you’re in the market for a new cleanser – give it a shot. I can’t use most cleansers or face scrubs because of my Excema, but this one is the perfect balance for my skin.

Nothing more American than buying things. Besides – tomorrow is payday.

New Music

Everything has changed, nothing is the same.

It’s been an exhausting and fantastic journey so far… and we haven’t even gone anywhere! Where should I begin to tell you about it?

Orientation at 9:40 on Saturday went until lunch. We filled out forms (think “Filling out the form” from Title of Show) and met each other. We talked about the job and what was expected of us and what we should expect. We toured the offices and shops. We made coffee and received a sexual harassment in the workplace booklet. You know, general first-day-of work stuff.

After lunch, we started to work. We blocked the entire show in one afternoon rehearsal. We learned how to put together and strike the set.

By the time we got back to the hotel I was tired and ready to decompress. Children’s shows really take a lot out of you – they are generally fast-paced and full of energy just like the kids. Nap time was a go.

When I saw this poster in the window, I knew I were in the right place.

Michael had the brilliant idea to go check out Brave New Workshop‘s new show Obama-mia. John and Michael’s friend Courtney joined us. It was hilarious. Of course, we were all drinking wine and laughing loudly. Too loudly it seems, as we got shushed by an usher… However – the show was very clever and worth it.

Afterwards we walked around the Lake of the Isles and had great times. As you can imagine, the weather is a shock. I’m going to have to get a new jacket to keep warm. All I have right now is a thing black cardigan.

Today’s rehearsal was just a tiring as yesterdays. But tonight – The Mall of America.Michael needs new shoes, and I need a coat!

On the town

Flights were changed this morning (for the better, actually) when I arrived at Tulsa International. Instead of flying to Dallas, Milwaukee, then Minneapolis – I was flown to Chicago then Minneapolis. Instead of arriving at 3:15, I arrived at 12:55. Thanks American Airlines! #thingsIneverexpectedtosay

When I arrived in Minneapolis, the lovely Heather picked me up and drove me past the NTC offices and then to the hotel. I then drove her back to NTC offices and returned to the hotel to rest. I met a fantastic duo who has been rehearsing here for the last week, Carin and John. They truly are some swell cats. They invited me to dinner and I had my first Jucy Lucy.

I met Michael, who rooms with me for the next week here in Minneapolis. I also met another Michael and another John – who will be in rehearsals this week for the same show as well. We drank an entire bottle of Jameson (between the six of us!) and traded war stories. Not a bad night at all.

I have yet to meet the elusive Andy. Tomorrow is the day, at 9:40 am. I’m excited now.

A four or five year old child sat next to me on today’s flight into Chicago O’Hare. She was in good spirits, and excited to ride in an “air-roh-plane” for the first time. During take-off she kept looking out the window and saying “woah” and “neat.” When we arrived she turned to her mom and dad and said “hey, we made it!”

Yes we did, little one. We made it.

If I didn’t believe in you

Taken in the Magic Kingdom

Allison is the most awesome cat alive. Can you dig?

I just got a call from my good friend Allison on her acceptance into the University of St. Andrew’s Anthropology Masters Program. This marks the millionth time Allison has had things work out for her, and it couldn’t have happened to a nicer girl! Tony and her move to the cutest little flat in Scotland (Google earth is a gypsy’s best friend) and I’m so happy for them that I could spit.

Of course I was happy for Tony when he got his acceptance too, but I’m ecstatic for Al. Allison and I met in middle school, way back in the day. I went crazy, I punched her in the arm, she got me suspended… lots of time and laughter later, here we are. I don’t know… I know it sounds cheesy, but after all we’ve been through I think it’s appropriate to say: I love this girl. She’s pretty awesome.

So today, as I’m packing my bag for tour, I’m freaking out. I get this call from Alison and suddenly I see a bigger picture.  Things are going to work out after all.

I have pictures to share!

Popping champagne

As you can see the Bye Bye Bash was a success. I had a great time, and I think everyone else did as well. The wine was flowing and the company was fantastic. This may be the last time I get to see some of these cats. I sincerely hope it isn’t. Many thanks to everyone who came out to wish me well. You are appreciated!

Speech! Speech!

I did end up making a speech. I don’t remember much of it. From what I’m told, it was about how supported I felt with you all. That holds true. No matter what happens, you all stay in my life – for better or worse – and I’m happy to find that I have a group of friends who love me no matter what. Either that, or they want a meal ticket. The jury is still out on that one. (I kid!)

Cutting the cake with Jessica

Tomorrow morning at 8:00, I get on a plane. I don’t know what will happen in these next ten weeks, or in the future beyond that, but this bittersweet knot in my throat is a sign that I had a good life here. I’ll see you soon. Take care of yourself. And above all, read my blog!