The Little Things You Do Together

Tonight is our last night in Johnson City, TN. We move on from here westward a bit, towards Knoxville.

I swear I have a dress on.

Karaoke at Numans

Last night we had a time. We decided to treat ourselves to some Red Lobster, I rekindled a friendship with one of my near and dearest, and decided to celebrate by going to the swankiest place in town. Karaoke was had (Andy sang ‘Rock this Town’ by the Stay Cats and I ironically belted out some ‘Maybe This Time’ a la Liza Minnelli) and drinks were consumed. We made an adventure to a liquor store for some cheaper alternatives to bar drinks, but found that a distillery in Gatlinburg, TN had started taxing and bottleing (Mason-jar-ing?) moonshine. When in Rome one must listen to Dixie and drink Moonshine.

The stuff smelled awful. A “close friend of mine” (read: myself) has had real, honest-to-god, can’t-tax-this-shit-because-if-you-drink-it-you-might-die moonshine from a jug, which was delicious. This was NOT that kind of moonshine. But the girl in the liquor store said that it was the best that she could offer, so we made it happen.

I really don’t like to waste my liquor, but damn – I’m not letting that stuff touch my lips again.

This weekend will be fun. I’m leaving Andy to have a solo mission in Nashville. I’ll meet up with John and Michael in Franklin and fun will be had in Nashville on Friday night. Come Saturday, we will travel to the Jack Daniel’s Distillery in Lynchburg, TN (a DRY county, by the way. What is this world coming to?) and then I’ll head back to meet Andy and start Week 3 of Tour.

I know I say this a lot… But I love my job.

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