I’m Still Here

A good day

Martha, my grandmother on my father's side.

This woman has seen 90 birthdays. Well, 91 birthdays if you count the actual day of birth, which she does. Up until today she would always say “I’m in my 90th year of life” – as if she was fooling us into forgetting that she was 89. I suppose today she’ll tell me it’s her 91st year. She would be correct.

Mom asked me to go to Mardels before joining the whole family for cake at the hospice. She wants me to pick up some sort of stuffed animal for her. It’s the very least I could do. I wish I could do more.

You know who does it all? My dad.

So we’re meeting the whole Blackmore clan at 4:30 for cake and celebrations! 90 years! Holy smokes!

It’s Tuesday and I’m still in Tulsa. Today is dedicated to family, tomorrow is to friends, Thursday is for myself – and then I’m in a plane on Friday morning. #ohmygodimsonervous #whouseshashtagsinblogs #thirdhashtag

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